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Return to the office

  • Discover how I helped a company tackle the challenge of safely transitioning their staff back to the office during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Explore the implementation of interactive Virtual Reality e-learning, designed to familiarize employees with new procedures and ensure a safe work environment.
  • Learn about the innovative approach taken, including the use of introductory videos, VR rooms, hotspots, voiceovers, and knowledge checks.
  • Gain insights into this unique solution for office reintegration.
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Data Analysis

Custom Knowledge refreshers and Data Analysis

In this project, old age quizzes were revamped with Google Forms for enhanced data analysis. Immediate feedback, user progress tracking, and responses analysis was achieved with this custom solution based on Google Workspaces. Visualisation of results helped take informed decisions for training and onboarding based on comprehensive data.

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Trainer led course

TextExpander Introduction

Boost productivity with TextExpander. This trainer-led session helps getting to know this software for keyboard shortcuts, simplifying tasks for technical support. This session helped improve efficiency, morale, and onboarding with the trainer-led session, recording and learning aids.

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Self driven course

Chrome inspect tool

Enhance technical support with Chrome DevTools. This self-led course provides visual cues and training on this powerful tool. Increase efficiency and reach more users with our scalable and versatile learning module.

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Learning aid

Productivity learning aid

This project helped implement KPIs effectively with a learning aid. It achieved streamlined performance standards and helped visualize productivity for technical support agents. The learning aid achieved faster implementation and identified top performers and also started the conversation with clear steps on setting personalized targets.

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